Medical Team

Carol Renke, MD

Dr. Renke attended Medical School at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada.  Her specialty training was completed at the Family Practice Program at Saint Paul’s Hospital.  She joined a small group practice in Vancouver where her practice ranged from delivering babies to elder care; a true Family Practice.  In 1999 Dr. Renke and her young family moved to Palm Desert in search of sunnier climates and to be free of the restrictions imposed upon physicians and patients in a government run medical system.  Since settling in the desert, her practice has thrived resulting in a newly built office in 2012.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Renke is a “foodie” who enjoys farmer’s markets, travel, pilates, hiking, reading and skiing.  Her husband Robert became a part of her life before medical school and they have endeavored to run the practice as a caring “family business”.


Christina Sloan, PA-C

Christina has been practicing as a licensed PA for over 22 years working in Family Practice, Rheumatology and Pulmonology.  She attended UCLA where she earned a degree in Kinesiology and then went on to complete her Physician Assistant education at Western University.  Prior to her career as a PA, Christina was a clinical researcher specializing in Asthma and Allergy.

Christina is extremely dedicated to the wellbeing and health of her patients.  She works closely with Dr. Renke to ensure patients have the highest level of care.  Patients consistently comment on Christina’s compassion and empathy as well as her extensive and practical clinical knowledge.

When not working, Christina is very involved volunteering at her daughter’s school and other local charities.

Jared Steinberg, PA-C

Jared has been with the practice for 6 years and has been working as a Physician Assistant for 9 years. He earned his PA degree from Western University in Pomona, California

Initially trained in Urgent Care, he soon added mental health assessment and treatment to his background before joining Dr. Renke as part of her medical team. Jared has a special interest in preventive medicine, sports medicine and injury treatment. Patients consistently rate Jared very high for his empathy and care which translates into taking the time to really get to know his patients and treat their underlying healthcare concerns.

Jared grew up here in the Coachella Valley and now has a young family of his own. He enjoys playing guitar (country and blues) and chess as hobbies. Jared’s active life includes swimming, hiking and camping.

Medical Assistants: Susi, Sandra, and Imelda
Reception & Administration: Carla and Celeste
Practice Manager: Robert Renke