Carol Renke MD



Family Medicine


  • You will be heard and treated compassionately
  • Your medical concerns will be thoroughly investigated and addressed
  • Treatment will be prompt and all options explored with you as a partner in your health care
  • As your primary care physician, Dr. Renke and her team are your advocates and will coordinate care with specialty physicians as needed
  • Think of the practice as your health care home
  • A focus on wellness and prevention.
  • Spanish speaking: Dr. Renke and most staff members are fluent in Spanish.
  • A consistent and dedicated staff who have been a key part of patient care and customer service for many years.
  • All business matters are managed by her husband, Robert Renke which allows Dr. Renke to focus exclusively on patient care.

Comprehensive and independent: a traditional family practice for all your primary care needs.

  • Owned and operated by Dr. Renke, and not affiliated with any particular hospital group or concierge company.
  • A strong specialist referral network built up over 22 years of practice in the desert.
  • Centrally located in the heart of Palm Desert (SW corner of Monterey and Fred Waring).
  • 3000 ft modern office with generous reception area and large comfortable examination rooms and convenient parking with direct ground floor access
  • Experienced Physician Assistants on staff who work closely with Dr. Renke which provides more appointment options for urgent matters.
  • Electronic Medical Records, E-Prescriptions, and E-Lab Requisitions for better coordinated care and access to records.


This philosophy has created a practice with very high rates of patient retention and satisfaction.