Patient Testimonials

“Dr Carol Renke is a rare breed of doctor these days. She is not only a very knowledgeable, competent, experienced doctor; she is also a personable, understanding person treating each client/ patient like a friend she cares about and with which she gives the highest priority. She trains her staff to do the same, as they are all very friendly, responsive and proactive to any request. also know that Dr Renke has remained independent versus joining a medical association or group and therefore her referrals are not based on her associations, but rather her wide knowledge of which specialist doctor she trusts and feels is right for you. She has a great sense of humor and a lively but calming office environment. I love going to my doctor and feel blessed to have someone like her here in the desert. Lucky me, lucky you!”

“Dr. Renke is absolutely incredible. She has treated me and my wife and has done everything in the world for the both of us. She listens to her patients and always let’s you finish. Dr. Renke always greets you with a big smile.”

“I wanted to pass along my comments about the good doctor. For some time I have been bothered with constant shoulder pain. When I discussed it with Dr. Renke, she suggested a Cortisone injection. I could not believe the almost instant relief that happened within minutes of her administering the shot. I have to tell you also that I barely felt the needle. She certainly hit the right spot. Thank you Dr. Carol.”

“Your office is always warm and inviting and the staff are professional and kind.  I trust the skill and detail with which your office staff handle my requests.  It is nice to be treated with courtesy and even familiarity.” 

“I am stable and healthy mainly because of your Physician Assistant, Jared’s care and concern.  He is very detailed and a great diagnostician.  He has referred to specialists when necessary.  His manner is professional, caring and thorough.  I am so happy to have him as part of my medical team.”  

“I have always been happy with Dr. Renke and her staff.  Christina Sloan, one her Physician Assistants was so thorough, caring and took care of every aspect of my health and well-being.  Christina definitely changed my views and opinions on PAs and I now ask to have my appointments with Christina.  Their office is so welcoming and everyone has been friendly and very, very efficient.”

“Dr Renke took the time to listen and prescribe a treatment that was very personalized for me.  Not the standard fast in and out I am used to with doctors on a time limit.  She looked at me, not down at my medical chart, listened and I could tell she cared.”